“ Don’t cover my wrinkles, it’s taken me a lifetime to create them “
Anna Magnani to the make-up artist who wanted to hide the traces of time on her face.

Elpher have created this line of cosmetics because they believe that every woman should have the possibility to discover her own beauty.

Elpher’s commitment towards all women has been therefore to create a line of cosmetics which does not follow a trend, a passing novelty, but is a genuine project to develop efficacious products based on the needs of the skin and in total respect of its health. The concept of beauty which inspires Elpher is the confidence of a woman who looks after herself on principle, in every phase of her life, not  imitating stereotyped images compared to which no woman can ever feel adequate.

Beauty for Elpher is a daily discovery, a satisfaction that every woman can find within herself, taking care of her looks so as to appear natural and genuine. Elpher believes in genuineness: taking care of oneself is the best way to feel beautiful and well.

Be always proud of your appearance

Barbara Battiston Elpher Cosmetici