• detersione

    The first gesture of beauty

    A good cleansing, exfoliation and a mask, if used regularly helps to thin the stratum corneum, favouring a better absorption of the product.

  • Yoga-Eyes

    Beautiful eyes with yoga

    A suggestion to reduce the swelling around the eyes: place your index tips just below the eyes, make a little pressure and look toward the horizon, until the eye becomes blurred.

  • Ingredienti Elpher: Camomilla

    Camomille: sweet protection

    Camomile is a natural ingredient of priceless value: it has always been used in cosmetic products for delicate, sensitive skins for its smoothing, softening, protective and purifying effects. Camomile extract has softening and calming properties that make it a precious ally in protecting the skin against extreme external factors.

  • Applicazione crema mani

    A perfect application

    Before applying a cream, warm it slightly between your hands to benefit most of the  ingredients.